Filter Rated Up To 100,000 Gallons

You are also likely to need water to cook your food in, wash in, and clean the dishes with. However, trying to carry a large and bulky water filter system or lots of bottled water can be a challenge. Letting gravity do the work… The Platypus GravityWorks High-Capacity Water Filter System has been designed to provide the perfect solution.

This mighty model can filter up to four liters of water very quickly and efficiently. It delivers a flow rate of 1. 75 liters of filtered water per minute for optimum convenience. You are provided with two sturdy BPA-free plastic pouches. Simply fill one pouch up with water and hang both pouches up from a tree or pole.

Gravity will then do the work to fill the other pouch up with perfectly clean and clear drinking water. Perfectly portable…The hardworking filter removes particles down to 0. 2 micro. Better yet, changing hot barrels or handling gas blocks is no problem with the Mechanix Wear gloves!

The high-quality insulation of its material will protect your hands in any type of weather. Moreover, the flexibility of the Mechanix Wear gloves lets you easily control the mechanics of your gun. And you don’t need to worry about stitching on the palm affecting your shooting, as there is none!

However, it is worth pointing out the internal Velcro fastener is a bit of a nuisance, as it tends to catch on things. Another negative is being unable to use electronics while wearing them – so if you’re addicted to your smartphone, you might want to look elsewhere!

Ultimately though, the Mechanix Wear gloves are a great option for shooters and the price is more than affordable. You can pick them up for $24 on Amazon. 3. Elk Ridge Hunting Knife set:This knife set also comes with 2 knives. The 1st is the 7-inch straight edge knife and the other one is the 6. 5-inch curved knife.

Also, it comes along with a nylon carry case.

The look and the design of the knives is in such a way that they look completely futuristic. The blade is made from 440 stainless steel which ensures that it would last for a pretty long period of time. The handle is ABS handle with a hole for better grip. Also, it comes along with a nylon carry case. This ensures that you are able to set these 2 knives in a pretty small space and carry it around with you wherever you go.

You can’t communicate with anything else but if you just need to chat with friends or family it might be a simple way to go. READ MOREFor more of our top hiking & backpacking gear recommendations, check out these popular articles:ElectronicsAbout The AuthorHiker. Trail runner. Mountain biker.

Magnification: How Many X’s Do You Need?

If you live outside of the USA its pretty likely that you’ll want to use a MILS compensation tool. If you live inside the USA, MOA is probably going to be more comfortable. As far as what they actually do, MOA lines up with 1. 047” (the 0. 047” part is generally disregarded) at 100 yards.

MILS measures up at 10cm at 100m. This means at 200 yards, you’ll be looking at 2” and at 200m you’ll be looking at 20cm and so forth. At extreme distances, MILS is generally spot on but MOA may take some tweaking and validating (due to that pesky 0. 047”) with drop charts and various other tools.

As a pro tip, before pulling the trigger on the Amazon buy box, ensure the scope’s turrets are built for the reticle the scope houses. It baffles me, however, that scopes are sometimes manufactured with MOA turrets and a MILS reticle. What the…?!?Also, since this article is about long-range shooting, ensure your reticle has some kind of placeholders or identifiers.

It’ll take you forever to squeeze off the shot if you have to count over 20 MOA on a scale with no numberings and it’s easy to miss one or forget which line you were using. Magnification: How Many X’s Do You Need? Firstly, understanding the X’s and the M’s that come along with any magnified scope are a must.

Example: 6-25x 60mmThe first numbers are the power of magnification. In our example above, this means targets will appear 6 times larger than normal (eyesight) at the scopes lowest possible settings. When there are 2 numbers together with a hyphen this means the scope is capable of a range of magnifications.

This example shows us the scope is capable of a minimum magnification power of 6x all the way up to a maximum power of 25x. Finally, the last number that is given in millimeters tells us the diameter of the objective lens. Remember, this will determine how much light will be transferred to your picture but will also result in a much heavier unit with a higher price tag.

More magnification usually always sounds like a good thing, but if you’re using your rifle to hit moving targets or perhaps hunting, too much magnification may hinder your ability to acquire targets quickly and plan for incoming obstacles. Higher magnification results in a much smaller window of sight but much further distances.

If you’re perched on a shooting range, the high magnification is great as you have all the time in the world to find those targets and you know exactly where they’ll be. Some high-end scopes will offer variable power, which means you can cycle through magnification levels.

These may be especially handy for scouting out targets and then focusing more in depth once you have identified their location. Shooting 100 meters away with a 25x scope isn’t going to be enjoyable nor practical, but if you can switch between 5x and 25x with the flick of your wrist, you’ll be well equipped for a wide range of distances.

In dealing with long range high magnification scopes, the truth is that eye relief is usually pretty low on the spectrum of hoots given. With a high level of magnification, the picture is bounced from mirror to mirror and put through a tube that helps to capture light.