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I never thought the Hawke Sport Optics was top of the line but they do take care of the glass inside and somehow they’ve managed incredible light transmission out of a rather low cost set up. The turrets, although kind of ugly in my opinion, are actually rivaling those of top brands.

They are a bit small for my liking but these are lockable and have a very nice feeling haptic click with a quick reset function. I forgot to mention earlier that this scope has a red illumination via stepless configurable rheostat. This illumination really helps at dusk which is usually when I’m at the range anyways!

Now, this scope isn’t “cheap” by any means and it is priced in a very competitive price range, but I do think it’s worth a look if the AMX reticle is something that tickles your fancy. These scopes were purpose-built for air rifles and that really shows and it makes me happy.

A lot of scopes are “air gun compatible” but not many are actually designed with the mechanics of an air gun as the main focal point. Of course, you can use these with other rifles as well but I’d mainly recommend this just for high powered air rifles alone.

Variable magnification levels at 4-16x with a 50mm adjustable objective lens – 16 layers of coatings ensuring protection from the elements and optimum light transmission – Red illuminated etched AMX reticle5. Bushnell Banner 4-12X40Price Range: Under $100My Review: The Bushnell Banner is one of my favorite scope series under $100.

It’s a no-frills 4-12X40mm (also available in 6-18X40mm) scope with a duplex style reticle and an adjustable objective for parallax. The beauty of this optic is in its simplicity. It’s not weighed down by illuminated reticle devices or the extra moving parts of lockable target turrets.

The lack of these features allows the manufacturer to put extra money into the glass and the Banner line is optically sharper than many other scopes in this price range. The Bushnell Banner is also a good choice for spring-piston air rifles. 4-12X gives a very versatile magnification range with a 40mm objective being a good standard for most air rifle applications.

Bottom Line: In my opinion, this is the best air rifle scope under 100 dollars. It’s a reliable scope, just keep in mind that you’re not going to get top-tier quality for under $100! 4-12X magnification – Adjustable Objective (AO) – Multi-X reticle – No frills simplicity – Great optical clarity for the price6.

Nikon Prostaff P3 Target EFRPrice Range: Around $185My Review: When I hear Nikon I immediately feel my wallet start quivering in fear because the truth is, I generally only like spending money on Nikon products when they’re of the expensive variety. This scope, however, being well under two hundred bucks gives other scopes at this price point some serious competition and is definitely worth a look or two!

The magnification here is a very air rifle friendly 3-9x and the objective lens is a 40mm adjustable set up with all the proprietary Nikon lens coatings you can think of, including their legendary dusk to dawn light transmission technology. The spring-loaded auto zero-reset turrets are adjustable at increments of ¼ MOA and sit atop a very nice aircraft-grade aluminum body.

The overall build quality of this scope really feels of higher quality than its price tag and that surprises me, we all know Nikon loves to ask big money for their products but this scope seems to be extremely fair in cost and value. The eye relief is also amazing and that is a result of their large aluminum quick focus eyepiece.

The reticle isn’t fancy and sometimes that’s a good thing, especially for someone new to airguns. It’s called the Precision Target Reticle and its main job is to help you take the shot without being annoying or obscuring anything in the sight picture. Simple, sweet, rugged, light, and gets the job done, that’s what you get from Nikons Prostaff line at incredible prices!

Spring loaded instant zero turrets – Parallax-free focusing from 10 yards to infinity – 3-9x Variable magnification with multi-coated 40mm objective lens7. Vortex Optics Strike EaglePrice Range: Under $400My Review: Vortex Optics never disappoints any of us here at Marine Approved and they always consistently provide excellent value with each and every one of their scopes.

I really like that Vortex Optics has gone out to provide scopes in pretty much every price range and since the scopes they make are of excellent build quality and some are quite affordable, that means we can find great air rifle scopes offered from Vortex.

Vortex doesn’t specialize or even really focus on the air rifle market but since their scopes are of such great build quality, they should handle just about anything the air gun market can throw at them and I think that’s the perfect remark for the Strike Eagle series of optics.

Don’t Live Near A North 40?

Background checks are not required nor administered when purchasing a firearm. Fingerprints, ballistic filing, and even safety provisions for children are all neglected under New Hampshire gun law. Because there is no provision in New Hampshire gun laws that resides over machine gun purchase or use; federal law will control the registration and purchasing of such weapons.

This is common for the state, because overall many common regulations are seemingly forgotten. Even with such loose laws towards firearms, New Hampshire consistently ranks as one of the safest places in the United States. That being said, it is still important for the state to adopt more progressive laws to further curb gun trafficking and the establishment of illegal gun markets.

It is unlawful to sell any firearm to any convicted felon. It is unlawful to sell or give a handgun to a minor, unless the gift is from a parent, guardian or executor to a child, ward or heir. POSSESSIONThere are no state licensing requirements for the possession of rifles, shotguns or handguns.

It is unlawful for any person who has been convicted of a felony to own, possess or control any firearm. Persons who are the subject of a court protective order may be required to surrender all firearms and ammunition. CARRYINGIt is unlawful to carry a loaded handgun in any vehicle or concealed about one`s person without a license.

Exceptions to the above prohibition are:Carrying in one`s dwelling, house or place of business. Law enforcement and military personnel when on duty. Organizations authorized by law to purchase or receive firearms. A person shall not knowingly carry or have in his control any firearm in a courtroom or area used by a court.

This shall not apply to authorized persons, police officers, and security guards. A person may carry a handgun openly upon his person or unloaded and exposed or locked up in a vehicle without a license to carry. To obtain a license to carry, a person must apply to the selectmen or mayor or chief of police of the town where he is a resident.

A license to carry a firearm concealed issued to a non-resident by another state shall be honored if such state provides a reciprocal privilege. It is unlawful to carry a loaded rifle or shotgun in or on any motor vehicle, power boat or airplane. ANTIQUES AND REPLICASAntiques, defined as any handgun “utilizing an early type of ignition,” such as flintlocks, percussion and pin fires, are exempt from the above regulations.

No handgun which utilizes centerfire or rimfire cartridges will be considered an antique. NATIONAL FIREARMS ACT FIREARMSIn the absence of any state law governing automatic weapons, Federal law controls the registration and regulation of machine guns in New Hampshire. MISCELLANEOUSIt is unlawful to change, alter, remove or obliterate the name of the maker, model, serial number or other mark of identification on any handgun.

Possession of a handgun with its marks altered creates a legal presumption that the possessor committed the offense. It is unlawful to discharge a firearm on the land of another within 300 feet of a permanently occupied building without the permission of the owner. It is unlawful to discharge a firearm from or across a public highway, including the rights of way of a highway, in pursuit of wild birds or animals.

99Thermold AR-15 Magazine Charger Speed Loader Ten Rounds Zytel Black Thermold AR-15 Magazine Charger Speed Loader Ten R. Our Low Price $8. 29HKS Revolver Speedloader S&W K Frame/Taurus 66 Polymer Black 10-A HKS Revolver Speedloader S&W K Frame/Taurus 66 Pol. Our Low Price $10. 35Maglula UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader Multiple Calibers Polymer Lemon .

Maglula UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader Mu. Maglula Ruger 10/22 . 22LR LULA Loader & Unloader Set Maglula Ruger 10/22 . The Y-cable charging cable is a micro USB one that allows you to charge two FRS walkie talkies simultaneously through a laptop or wall charger.

You will not need a license to operate this radio with a total of 22 FM channels. I usually choose the 0. 5W low power consumption whenever the two-way FRS radio is in battery saving mode, but you can always select a high 2W rate.

The LED flashlight is helpful for the dark.

50°C. Plus, there is a VOX function that enables voice command of the unit without pressing. View both frequency & station number. The LED flashlight is helpful for the dark. The USB cable charges 2 radios at once. Include 154 private codes & earpieces. Its WX band has NOAA weather channels.