What Are Belly Band Holsters?

We also can offer you accessory pouches, including a magazine pouch and cell phone pouch for carrying your phone, spare magazine or any other small accessories while using the belly band holster. You can buy the belly band on its own, or bundle it with an IWB holster and save 20 percent off the purchase price of the belly band itself.

This comprehensive product guarantee includes a 30 Day Belly band ccw holster Drive trial period and our Forever Warranty for the IWB Holster and 1 year warranty on the belly band strap. My Cart. Shop All Holsters. Concealed Carry Holsters. Shop All Concealed Carry Holsters.

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Are most comfortable belly band holster comfortable if they feature a plastic shell? That depends on the design. A plastic shell will benefit you in two major ways: it will reliably protect your trigger guard, and it will offer more customized, secure retention. It will also be easier to reholster, since the gun pocket stays open.

The best shells are shells that are custom-molded, so they fit the exact shape of your gun; this offers the best fit. However, in some cases, you may want to adjust your retention, depending on your drawing preferences. Adjustable retention is preferable. Of course, without comfort, you may not want to wear your belly band in the first place, which defeats the entire purpose.

However, belly band belly band holster with kydex that are made with a neoprene backing frequently score high on the comfort factor. Follow us on Social Media:. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit how to wear a belly band holster given to David Workman and the CrossBreed Blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Does it work with lights and lasers? It’s one inexpensive option to fit just about every gun in your collection. You simply won’t find a more comfortable, versatile and feature packed concealed carry holster, belly band or otherwise, at any price, anywhere. Perfect for practically every possible situation from dress up at the office, going out to dinner, or even at the gym.

This Belly Band is ambidextrous and made with breathable, ventilated neoprene that is lightweight, durable, cool, and soft against the skin. Features include 4 sewn in mag pouches plus 1 detachable dual mag pouch, all with Velcro retention straps. Holster compartment with whisper quiet button snap fastener that will fit everything from sub-compacts to full size handguns.

This is the belly band shadow x belly band holster that takes comfort and concealability to an all new level. Perfect for practically every possible situation from dress up at the office, going shopping, or even at the gym. SFT2 Tactical. Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: traditional holsters are too expensive and often not comfortable after an extended period of time.

It has enough capacity to hold a cell phone, one pocket knife, one magazine, and 4 firearms. You can find it in black and Tan, and 4 sizes. So, it can fit almost every woman out there. You can opt for the right size based on your circumference in inches.

This is the measurement you should take into account when taking a look at the sizing chart to opt for the right size. Which is why Tactica designed the perfect belly band that meets the challenge of providing belly band holster womens comfortable, safe, and concealable holster that does not add extra bulk.