When Purchasing A Biometric Gun Safe

Founded in and headquartered in Utah, the Liberty safe company first started out building safes in rental storage units. Today, they produce more than safes per day. Employing approximately employees, Liberty is considered by critics as one of the best brands in its category. Safe owners have come to choose Liberty because of their reputation to render quality products backed by superior customer service.

Provault biometric handgun safe by liberty safes are offered at great prices and unprecedented valuewith each one delivering top-notch reliability and security. Liberty Safe and Security Products is the number one seller of full-size residential safes in the United States. They create large gun safes can provault biometric handgun safe by liberty 64 gunsas well as economy-sized safes can hold 24 guns.

In addition, Liberty sells the broadest line of home, gun, office, and provault biometric handgun safe by liberty safes by one successful company. With brilliant marketing based on high quality, innovation and technologically advanced securityyou can also find their products at full-service dealers and mass retail outlets.

The warranty is also transferable and includes a five-year warranty on the lock and finish. Nothing is more important than keeping your family and home protected from a potential intruder. If you want to ensure your handgun is in a place that is easily accessible, as well as in a place only you can access, then a biometric safe is the one for you.

You can easily hide your handgun in your nightstand, under provault biometric handgun safe by liberty bed or anywhere else that is within reach and out of site from thieves. With the biometric fingerprint scanner, you can be confident that no one will be entering the safe other than you.

In addition, this safe features an auto opening door, an AC power backup in case of failure, and a key which can be used to access the safe. The capacity of the liberty safe is not large, but it can surely meet your needs. It can easily store a single handgun along with a couple of items or two small pistolsas the total interior cubic feet is 0. Another fantastic feature of this biometric smart vault is its capability to remember up to 15 fingerprints. For some people the limited storage may be a disadvantage. But fortunately, the scanner is high quality and unlikely to fail.

The Liberty HDX is constructed provault biometric handgun safe by liberty a tamper-resistant design from solid gauge steel that will help prevent your vault from being pried open. Thieves will surely have a difficult time if they attempt to break into this safe. If you decide to secure your safe to a surface, you will not have a problem – Liberty provides mounting holes making it pretty much impossible to remove without a large prying device.

This safe also features a composite door with an interior plate and 4-inch military locking bars on two sides of the door to keep it in place, should a pry attempt occur. An upgraded quick access low profile electronic lock is used on this vault instead of a manual combination and key type lock.

The Liberty HDX comes in a textured black with a handsome gray fabric interior. But, there is a host of accessories to add to your safe such as best dehumidifier for gun safe kits, gun shelves, and organizers. Most gun owners want a reliable safe to store their handgun and to keep it within reach.

The Liberty HDX is known as one of the most reliable gun safes you can find. The biometric scanner on this Liberty safe should make you feel exceptionally secure and confident knowing that your possessions, as well as your firearms are safe. The Liberty HD is great little safe to keep in your drawers, suitcases, on your nightstands or closet shelves.

Designed to protect handguns as well as cell phones, passports and other important documents, this home safe provides secure access with the simplicity of an electronic combination. Other features include a piston-assisted door, lighted interior and a key backup in the event something should happen to the lock.

Private gun owners have a responsibility to ensure their firearms are locked up. The included security cable will help secure this gun safe in your home or vehicle so your handguns will not be stolen. Liberty stands behind their product and this is why they offer a 2-year replacement warranty on any defects on the HD Stow a personal handgun or other small items within this gauge steel safe and easily store it or bring it along for a trip, thanks to the compact design.

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